Copa America 2020 Fixtures Or Schedule PDF

The 47th version of Copa America is booked to play in 2020 and 12 groups will contend in the title. Ten unique CONMEBOL part affiliation groups will be taking an interest in live Copa America 2020 football tournament which is planned to play from twelfth June to twelfth July.

Argentina and Colombia are facilitating the challenge mutually. 2020 Copa America will be first competition when matches to be played in two gatherings based on groups allotment according to their area either Northern or Southern.

Two visitor groups Qatar and Australia will share these gatherings. Last match or the Copa America 2020 final match release will happen on July 12, 2020.

After Copa America 2020 draw, On December 3, 2019, bunches were affirmed as Australia is set in Group-A for example South zone having Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, Chile and Paraguay. Then Qatar is set in North Zone bunch with groups like Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela and Peru.

Argentina will meet Chile in the opening match of Copa America 2020 season. We should view the total time table and installations of competition.

Copa America 2020 Fixtures of Matches

Copa America 2020 all matches schedule are given below. Copa America 2020 all matches time will not announced now and also see Copa America CA 2020 broadcasting rights & TV listings.

Check out the Copa America 2020 fixtures and follow us for time of all matches and more info.

  • 12 June: Argentina vs Chile, Buenos Aires
  • 13 June: Australia vs Uruguay, Cordoba
    13 June: Paraguay vs Bolivia, Mendoza
    13 June: Colombia vs Ecuador, Bogota
  • 14 June: Brazil vs Venezuela, Cali
    14 June: Peru vs Qatar, Medellin
  • 16 June: Argentina vs Uruguay, Cordoba
    16 June: Chile vs Bolivia, Mendoza
  • 17 June: Paraguay vs Australia, La Plata
    17 June: Colombia vs Venezuela, Cali
  • 18 June: Peru vs Brazil, Medellin
    18 June: Ecuador vs Qatar, Bogota
  • 20 June: Argentina vs Paraguay, Buenos Aires
  • 21 June: Colombia vs Peru, Medellin
  • 22 June: Venezuela vs Ecuador, Bogota
    22 June: Australia vs Bolivia, La Plata
  • 23 June: Brazil vs Qatar, Barranquilla
  • 25 June: Chile vs Paraguay, Cordoba
  • 26 June: Australia vs Argentina, Buenos Aires
    26 June: Bolivia vs Uruguay, La Plata
  • 27 June: Brazil vs Colombia, Barranquilla
    27 June: Ecuador vs Peru, Medellin
  • 28 June: Qatar vs Venezuela, Cali
  • 30 June: Bolivia vs Argentina, La Plata
    30 June: Chile vs Australia, Cordoba
    30 June: Uruguay vs Paraguay, Santiago de Estero
  • 1 July: Qatar vs Colombia, Barranquilla
    1 July: Ecuador vs Brazil, Bogota
    1 July: Venezuela vs Peru, Cali


  • 4 July: 1st Quarterfinal, Barranquilla
    4 July: 2nd Quarterfinal, Cali
  • 5 July: 3rd Quarterfinal, La Plata
    5 July: 4th Quarterfinal, Buenos Aires


  • 8 July: 1st Semifinal, Cordoba
  • 8 July: 2nd Semifinal, Medellin

3rd Place Playoff

  • 11 July: TBC vs TBC, Bogota


  • 12 July: Final, Barranquilla